CryptoWeb Screen Shots

Click on any of the screen shots below to see a larger image. To find out more about our hand held application, Crypto Lists, see our Crypto Lists screen shots.

CryptoWeb is the subscription based online editing companion service to Crypto Lists. It is a web based implementation of the Crypto Lists hand held application. You can use CryptoWeb to conveniently create your initial lists and notes and then sync them to your hand held device. Syncing occurs automatically when you start the Crypto List application on your hand held device. When you make changes to your unencrypted data on your hand held device they are written back to CryptoWeb immediately, or synced later if no network is available.

Crypto Web makes it easy to cut and paste or import your data from other sources into your web browser or to type up your data using a real keyboard. Then when your data is synced to your phone, you can carry it with you where ever you go.

CryptoWeb uses the same familiar Crypto List user interface for check lists, collapsible sub-lists, and drag and drop reordering.

Since data encrypted with Crypto Lists is meant to be secure, it is not transmitted over the network. Therefore, your encrypted personal data is not exposed on CryptoWeb and CryptoWeb does not offer the encrypt data option from Crypto Lists.

All the other features of Crypto Lists are available on CryptoWeb and have been mapped to a simple web based interface. You can even edit your templates online.